About DE International

DE International is part of the NSW Department of Education (DE) and manages the following international programs:

International students

The International Student program allows students on student visas (subclass 500) the opportunity to study in a NSW government school for primary school or to complete their secondary education. Students can choose from schools across Sydney and NSW.

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad program offers an opportunity for secondary school students to attend one of a select number of government schools in Sydney or regional NSW. Students typically come from Europe or Latin Americas, enrol for three, six, nine or twelve months and can gain credit for their studies.

Temporary Residents Program

The Temporary Residents program offers children holding temporary resident dependant visas the opportunity to study in a New South Wales government school. The Program administers the enrolment of eligible students from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

Study Tours

The Study Tours program welcomes groups of overseas students and adults interested in visiting NSW government schools. Visitors can experience our education programs as well as interact with local students and teachers. Study tours provide a valuable opportunity for building friendships and sharing ideas. Study tour bookings can be made through a registered study tour agent.

Secondary Student Exchange

The Secondary Student Exchange program is a state specific reciprocal program, through a registered student exchange organisation, where students from another country are enrolled as full-time students in a NSW secondary school for a period ranging from three months (or one full school term) to one year.

Official international delegations

Other governments visit Australia to learn about our world renowned education system. DE International hosts official high-level international delegations visiting New South Wales throughout the year.

About DE International


DE International

  • International students praised

    2 years ago

    International students have been praised for their academic excellence, leadership, service and achievement.

About DE International

About DE International

We are a proud representative of Australian Government Schools International (AGSI), a collaborative association of government schools with international student programs.

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