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Temporary Residents Program

For temporary resident students enrolling in NSW Government Schools

NSW Government Schools is the largest education network in Australia. With over 2,200 primary and high schools offering secure, safe and dynamic learning environments, your child will have a rich and rewarding learning experience.

The Temporary Residents Program gives advice and support to enrol temporary residents into NSW government schools from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

When selecting a NSW government school for your child, please note temporary residents are not eligible to enrol in selective high schools, the selective component of comprehensive high schools and opportunity classes (OC) in primary schools.

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Who can enrol through the Temporary Residents Program?

The Temporary Residents Program enrols school aged students who are:

  • temporary resident visa holders (with the exception of principal holders of the international student visa subclass 500P or 571P)
  •  bridging visa holders
  • dependants of international students
  • visitor visa holders who are accompanied by a parent or staying with a direct relative (grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother or sister) who is a permanent resident of Australia and over 21 years of age.

Who cannot enrol through the Temporary Residents Program?

  • International students holding visa subclass 500P or 571P
  • Groups of students who attend NSW schools on an advertised tour
  • Visitor visa holders who are not accompanied by a parent, or not staying with a direct relative.

Conditions of enrolment

Temporary residents must meet the General conditions of enrolment ( pdf 148 KB) to enrol through the Temporary Residents Program. For enrolment conditions of individual visa subclasses refer to the Schedule of visa subclasses and enrolment conditions. (pdf 107 KB)

How to apply

You cannot apply online. Applications must be submitted in writing using the Temporary Residents Program Application form for an Authority to Enrol (pdf 440 KB). If your child:

Education fee

In NSW most temporary resident students pay the temporary resident administration fee and education fee to enrol in a government school.  The fee is generally calculated using the visa subclass held by the student.  For details refer to the Education fee(pdf 128 KB) fact sheet.

Education fee exemptions


A student may be entitled to a pro rata refund of the education fee if: 

  • their visa category changes to a fee exempt category
  • the visa is cancelled
  • the application to enrol is rejected or
  • the student leaves the school prior to the expiry of their paid period of enrolment.

For details refer to the Application for refund of the Temporary Residents Program education fee(pdf 173 KB).

Brochures and forms

Translated documents

    Application form for an Authority to Enrol:

    Application for fee exemption based on low income:

    Information for school staff

    Below is a list of publications to assist your school staff with the enrolment process for temporary resident students.

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    If you need more information on the Temporary Residents Program, please complete this online form.


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    Temporary Residents Program



    Principal holders of the International Student visa (subclass 500P) must enrol through the International Students Program.


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