Registered organisations

Organisations and schools officially registered by the NSW Registration Committee for International Secondary Student Exchange are responsible for (but not limited to):

  • obtaining the correct visa for the exchange student to enter Australia - Student visas will only be issued to students who are enrolled as full-time secondary students in a recognised course of study;
  • ensuring the payment of the Overseas Student Health Cover and all other relevant insurance for students - Overseas Student Health Cover is a precondition of entry into Australia;
  • acting as the central liaison between schools, host families, students and their families - Includes general and emergency communication as well as feedback and complaints.

How to apply

If you are interested in a student exchange program in NSW please feel free to make direct contact with any of the following registered exchange organisations for further information.

Registered NSW Exchange Organisations (providing exchange programs for students in NSW)

Schools (providing exchange programs for students enrolled in the school)

Registered organisations



Secondary student exchanges range
from three months (or one full school
term) to one year and are conducted by
registered exchange organisations.


Do you need help?

Contact DE International or a registered organisation.


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