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Itinerary builder

The itinerary builder is an interactive tool to help tour operators plan a study tour. Click the button below to launch the interactive tool to get started:

Launch the Itinerary Builder

How to use it

  1. Go to the Itinerary builder and enter your tour operator details, tour type and tour dates then click Create Tour to get started.
  2. Drag and drop educational or Integration activities into the morning or afternoon spaces on the itinerary. Click the name of an activity to find out more about it. An itinerary must consist of at least 50% educational activities.
  3. When you're finished, click Download Itinerary and save the PDF file to your computer. You cannot save an itinerary online and come back to it; you must fully complete your itinerary in one sitting and download it as a PDF.
  4. Complete a paper or online application form and attach the PDF itinerary where required.

Who should use it

The Itinerary builder is for tours operators registered with DE International Study Tours

Tour operators or study tour groups should not contact schools directly to book a program.

To search for a current tour operator registered with the DE International Study Tours, go to the agent search page and select 'Study Tour'  for the program field and your country and click 'search'.

To become a tour operator registered with DE International Study Tours, contact Study Tours at

Itinerary builder

Application forms

Student Groups
Online form | Paper Form

Adult Groups
Online form | Paper Form

Forms are for agents registered with DE International Study Tours only. Contact us to enquire about becoming an agent registered with DE International Study Tours.


Do you need help?

Ask a question online or contact
DE International or an authorised agent.




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