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Student groups

Student Study Tours are arranged for groups of 10 or more students for periods ranging from half a day to 12 weeks.

Long-term study tours for one semester (20 weeks) can also be arranged.

Student Study Tours may include:

  • visits to government schools in Sydney or NSW
  • learning with Australian students in regular classes
  • attending English language lessons
  • making friends with an Australian student ‘buddy'
  • living with an Australian family or a residential boarding school
  • excursions to significant historic and cultural sites, spectacular national parks and coastal locations

Student study tours samples

We provide a variety of student study tours that meet the different needs and interests of students. Some of these include:

Group size

The minimum group size is 10 students. Large groups may be hosted by two or more schools.


Students must be at least 10 years of age.


Student study tours can range in length from half a day to 12 weeks.


You can choose from schools located throughout NSW including Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo, Tamworth, Lismore and other regional centres.

For more information about the regions of NSW, go to the Tourism NSW website

Excursions and sightseeing

Schools can arrange activities such as

  • visits to Australian wildlife parks
  • bush walks
  • bush dances
  • beach visits
  • boomerang throwing
  • BBQs (barbeques)
  • Environmental Education Centres – specialist centres for teaching about the Australian environment. For example, you can learn about conservation and wildlife in the Blue Mountains National Park.

Sydney highlights include:


Students can stay with a homestay family in single or double placements. Homestay accommodation allows students to experience daily life in Australia and helps students practise their English with their Homestay family.

We can also arrange residential accommodation where the group stays together in dormitory style bedrooms in a boarding school. Students enjoy evening activities with the other Australian boarders in the school.

All meals and school transfers are included for both types of accommodation.


Costs are based on a number of factors such as the size of the group, the number of days, the location of the host school and the study tour itinerary.

How to book a study tour

Read more about booking a study tour.

Student groups

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Student Groups
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